RFC_FinalThis page is dedicated to providing vital information about opioids, overdose emergencies and resources to help those in need as our City and the nation struggle with the opioid epidemic.  We will continue to add important links and information. At the bottom of this page and on the Opioid Task Force section of the Bristol CT website are news, resources and other presentations relating to the epidemic.



In November 2019, the Opioid Task Force premiered the recently produced Public Service Announcements to be used as an educational tools regarding the opioid and addiction crisis facing our community and those across the country. These PSA’s will be used in social media and are shareable in order to help those in need find recovery options. Bristol’s Video PSA’s on Opioids and Addiction

Opioid Crisis PSA Page Launch

What’s That?! Curious as to what some of the drug paraphernalia looks like? Sometimes, it’s in plain sight but hidden extremely well. Get to know the hidden secrets. Special thanks to www.demandZero.org for use of this illustration or check out their Facebook page.

Whats that

City of Bristol’s Recovery Alliance (C.O.B.R.A.)
With police officer discretion, a person in possession of an illegal substance, or who is using a substance illegally, can choose treatment instead of arrest. Community members who would like treatment for their substance misuse can also walk into the Bristol Police Department or Bristol Health’s Emergency Center and request help at any time. The participant will be brought to Bristol Health’s Emergency Center and evaluated for treatment options. This may include starting a medication assisted treatment (MAT), detoxification, Safety Planning or exploring several other options. The participant can expect to have referrals made, appointments scheduled and will work closely with hospital staff and community providers to support their plan for recovery. Our goal is to reduce barriers to ensure our citizens get the help they need.
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The brochure below was produced for two different audiences. The first cover page is aimed at what we as a community can do. The other is distributed by Emergency Medical Responders and Bristol Hospital for those who survived an overdose.

Opioid Brochure Cover What can we do now v7

Opioid Brochure Inside v7

Opioid Brochure Cover You survived v7.jpg


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