Course Descriptions - Registration in September, January, and April each year. 
Spring Class Offerings

Course Options

Simple stretching

Flexibility is a key component of fitness to help prevent injury and make every day tasks easier. Join Amy Perales to stretch yourself to better health! Participants must be able to move from a laying down position to a standing position on their own.

Simple Stretching with chairs

Flexibility is a key component of fitness to help prevent injury and make every day tasks easier. Join Amy Perales to stretch yourself to better health! This course is designed for people with less mobility.




Learn to play the ukulele, the easiest instrument to learn to accompany singing! No musical experience necessary, just your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. This class is designed for the complete beginner and will focus on learning basic chords to start you playing during the first class. You will need to purchase a ukulele & tuner, starting at $40 prior to class. Contact the instructor for more information.  


Join this fun, friendly and supportive class if you know the basics and want to keep growing as a player. We will explore new songs and techniques such as strumming, fingerstyle, chord melody, a bit of theory and more. The class is taught with options for easier and more advanced play so you can enjoy the class at your level. There will be an opportunity to perform for an audience.


If you have taken the beginner ukulele class but are not ready for the Intermediate class, then this is the class for you. Basic skills will be expanded on as you progress toward playing more smoothly.   

Tai Chi for Balance

24 Movement Yang style form:  

Learn the complete sequence of the Tai Chi 24 form, as is practiced in many countries as a daily exercise/relaxation regimen.   For those who are new to tai chi, this beginner class offers great support for anyone that is interested in improving mobility, balance and muscle tone. Focus is on shifting the weight between steps and coordination of movements. An 8 movement QiGong set is also taught along with the 24 form.

The movements are reviewed and explained in class every week. 

Tai Chi Sword

This class will include some basic movements of Tai Chi and QiGong to create a sense of balance and cadence of movements.  Sword techniques, and sequence of smooth movements will be added each week.  

With basic material, a clear routine, precise sword techniques and traditional movements, 32 step is simple to learn and to remember.  It is suitable for practice by individuals or in a group and takes about 3 minutes to complete.    

The 32 Sword form was adapted from the older Yang style Tai chi sword, eliminating the complicated movements, to provide an easy method for group instruction and for beginners who want to learn the basic form and techniques of Tai chi sword.  (Taijiquan by Li Deyin)



This class will introduce the fundamental movements and balance techniques for those that would like to work on the beginner’s elements of Tai Chi. Chairs will be used to assist in our balance points, sitting and standing. We will begin with simple stretching, QiGong exercises and then some easy tai Chi movements to create strength & confidence. Noe Experience Necessary!


Strength and Tone

A Cardio/weight training program will build muscle strength to increase your metabolism.

AEROBIC Exercise

An exercise program geared to the older person.


Experienced and Beginner classes showing various quilting techniques while working on several patterns.

Chair Seating

Re-weave the seat of your favorite chair using cane, fiber rush, or reed. Learn professional and traditional techniques.

LivFree Yoga

Gentle movement is brought into the body by flowing yoga poses together and connecting with your breath.


Beginner and Intermediate classes showing techniques with oils and acrylics.

Line Dance

This is your entrée’ to the fun of line dancing. No partners, no experience, No Problem! Learn basic moves.

Zumba Gold

This easy to follow program is a dance fitness class designed for seniors.


Paint and preserve ceramic pieces of art. Instructors guide you through the process to create beautiful ceramic pieces.

 Tap Dancing 

Let’s keep our bodies in motion by Tap Dancing! Tap dancing keeps our minds sharp, as we learn, memorize and review different tap dance combinations. We will dance to Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and many other great artists. On occasion, we will incorporate hat and canes, making it a truly fun way to exercise! (Tap Dance Shoes can be purchased at Dancingly Yours in Plainville or contact Amy at Spotlight Dance Center to see if we have any gently used tap dance shoes in your size, for sale. Inexpensive tap shoes are also available at Payless and Walmart, yet a higher quality pair of tap shoes will most definitely change your tap dance experience.)



This is an absolute beginner class for anyone who ever wanted to try tap dancing.


Hats, Canes and chairs are incorporated into this fun dance exercise class. If you take the Simple Stretch class with Amy and enjoy the "All That Jazz" exercise, you will enjoy this class. Participants must be able to stand through the entire class.


Ballet for seniors

This is an exercise class for seniors to help increase flexibility and balance. The first half of the class is spent on ballet technique and the class is finished with a good amount of stretching.


BallRoom Dancing

Learn how to move around a dance floor learning dances like the Rhumba and Cha-Cha.

Decorative Painting Projects

Learn how to accentuate basic everyday items using decorative painting techniques.

Discovering the World of Watercolor

Use watercolors to create masterpieces.


Mother & Daughter Ceramics

This Class is one of our few night classes designed for mothers and daughters. Pick out your ceramic item, paint it, and we will fire it right on site.