Mailbox Damage

Mailbox damage due to City plowing:

In an effort to protect your mailbox from winter plowing, we suggest that your mailbox be set so that no portion of the box, arm or post is any closer than ten inches from the gutter.

If your mailbox is not properly placed, the Public Works Department will not be held liable for damage that might occur as a result of snow plowing operations.

Mailbox Placement Guidelines

If your mailbox is damaged due to the snow plowing operation, please report the damage within 45 days of the incident to the Public Works Dispatcher at (860) 584-7791. You will be asked your name, telephone number, when it happened (date, time), who did it (city or contract plow, truck number), and whether or not your can make temporary repair to continue mail delivery. This information will be referred to the Streets Division and if confirmed, repair will be made.

Any questions about the status of your claim can be directed to the Corporation Counsel's Office at 860-584-6150