Energy Commission meetings are scheduled the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 pm in City Hall West Meeting Room 1. 


Sean Dunn, Chairman
David Butkus
Karen Hintz, Secretary
Tom Ragaini
Sheldon Scott
Jeffrey Andrade
Andrew Howe
Jacqueline Olsen, City Council Liaison
Mark Dickau

Agenda and Minutes can be found in the Agenda Center


At the September 4, 2018 City Council meeting the Energy Commission was formed.

The Energy Task Force was established at the July 8, 2008 City Council meeting. The task force will consist of citizens from a wide range of viewpoints, including the business sector and municipal land use bonds, and with legal or technical expertise in energy consumption.

The task force will review the entire list of suggested actions contained in the Climate Protection Agreement, and any others as they may see fit, and identify those actions which the task force determines to have the best potential to reduce the cost of energy spending by the city, and reduce the amount of global warming pollution produced by the city. 

City of Bristol Energy Plan


Bristol has achieved Silver Certification from SustainableCT, a statewide initiative that inspires and supports communities in becoming more efficient, resilient, and inclusive.

The city “met high standards in a broad range of accomplishments to qualify for the prestigious Silver-level certification,” which is the highest level of certification Sustainable CT currently offers, according to a press release from the city’s Economic and Community Development Department.

In the certification application, Bristol demonstrated significant achievements in actions in nine sustainable impact areas, ranging from inclusive community building, thriving local economies, and vibrant arts and culture, to clean transportation and diverse housing.

“The City of Bristol is proud to be among 19 Connecticut municipalities to be recognized this fall for achieving Sustainable CT certification, and one of only five to have achieved Silver,” said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu.

Ray Rogozinski, Public Works director and Public Works Analyst Lindsey Rivers put together several sustainable programs, including the Outdoor Classroom initiative - which was a collaboration with the Bristol Public Schools.

“Congratulations to our newest Sustainable CT certified communities,” said Lynn Stoddard, executive director, Sustainable CT. “They join a growing number of certified towns and cities that are demonstrating municipal practices that make our communities more inclusive, healthy, connected, and strong.”

One-hundred twelve municipalities have registered for the Sustainable CT program, representing 80% of the state’s population. Collectively 61 municipalities, over 35% of the state’s communities have earned certification. Certification lasts for three years, with submissions evaluated by independent experts and other Sustainable CT partners.

The program is managed by the Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University and includes actions that help towns and cities build community connection, social equity, and long-term resilience.

For more information on Sustainable CT see the program’s website: