Training Division

The Training Division is headed by a Lieutenant and is part of the Administrative Services Bureau. The police department also utilizes many in-house certified instructors who specialize in a variety of training topics.Responsibilities include developing department instructors, maintaining accurate training records and coordinating training programs.

The Connecticut Police Officer Standard & Training Council (POST) also sets minimum standards for police officers that the department must ensure are complete. POST and the police department offer many training classes throughout the year.

While most training is conducted at the police academy, the Bristol Police Department has a training facility. Some of the yearly training includes firearms, less lethal force options, legal updates, first aid and self-defense. POST offers many specialized classes for police officers. Some of these include advanced accident investigation, interviewing techniques, DWI enforcement, patrol procedures, evidence collection and crime scene preservation.

The Training Division is also responsible for conducting background investigations on potential police candidates. This is an essential part of the hiring process. As the job requires integrity and fine character, a comprehensive background investigation is vital.

The ultimate goal of the Training Division is to increase the skills and abilities for all officers and increase the overall efficiency of services that are provided to the public. For more information, call (860) 584-3073.